Keyscan NETCOM2P Electronic Accessory


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  • Fast and easy installation
  • A user-defined encryption key
  • Includes a Keyscan NETCOM Program Tool utility


The NETCOM2P is a plug on TCP/IP communication adaptor module that connects directly to Keyscan networked access control systems. The Keyscan NETCOM TCP/IP communication adaptor modules function as a fast and easy way to connect a Keyscan Access Control system to a LAN/WAN network. The adaptors plug onto the CIM for network communication or directly onto the control board for single access control unit applications.

Communication Adapter Module Main Features

  • Where higher security is required for communication, use the NETCOM6P with AES Rijndael (NIST approved) encryption algorithm
  • A user-defined encryption key, which can be can be 128 bits, 192 bits, or 256 bits, minimizes the possibility of communication breach
  • Includes a Keyscan NETCOM Program Tool utility for custom installation programming
  • Also available as an off-board module, NETCOM2 for legacy panels and select integrations
  • Fast and easy installation for each ACU
  • Requires Static IP addresses for proper operation
  • Simplifies both installation and maintenance procedures
  • Easy to program with included utility

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